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The Replacements- Reissues
In Stores April 22nd. Rhino

Good news for Replacements fans as Rhino records is reissueing the band's Twin-Tone releases, Sorry Ma, I Forgot to Take out the Trash, Stink, Hootenanny, and Let it Be. In addition to sparkling new re-mastering of those classic records, fans are treated to a ton of previously un-released material, which may surprise some fans who remember the notoriously self-sabotaging-band's stories of disposing master tapes in the Mississippi River.

Sorry Ma, Forgot To Take Out the Trash


1. Takin a Ride
2. Careless
3. Customer
4. Hangin Downtown
5. Kick Your Door Down
6. Otto
7. I Bought a Headache
8. Rattlesnake
9. I Hate Music
10. Johnny's Gonna Die
11. Shiftless When Idle
12. More Cigarettes
13. Don't Ask Why
14. Somethin to Du
15. I'm in Trouble
16. Love You Till Friday
17. Shutup
18. Raised in the City

Bonus Material

Raised in the City (live, 1980 – demo)
Shutup (live, 1980 – demo)
Don't Turn Me Down (live, 1980 – demo)
Shape Up (live, 1980 – demo)
You Ain't Gotta Dance (live, 1980 – demo)
Get on the Stick (live, 1980 – demo)
Oh Baby (studio demo)
Like You (outtake)
Get Lost (outtake)
A Toe Needs a Shoe (outtake)
Customer (alternate take)
Basement Jam (rehearsal)
If Only You Were Lonely

Watch The Replacements perform Johnny's Gonna Die live at the 7th St. Entry. September 5th, 1981.



1. Kids Don't Follow
2. Fuck School
3. Stuck in the Middle
4. God Damn Job
5. White and Lazy
6. Dope Smokin' Moron
7. Go
8. Gimme Noise

Bonus Material

Staples in Her Stomach (outtake)
Hey, Good Lookin' (outtake)
(We're Gonna) Rock Around the Clock (outtake)
You're Getting Married (solo home demo)



1. Hootenanny
2. Run It
3. Color Me Impressed
4. Willpower
5. Take Me Down to the Hospital
6. Mr. Whirly
7. Within Your Reach
8. Buck Hill
9. Lovelines
10. You Lose
11. Hayday
12. Treatment Bound

Bonus Material

Lookin' for Ya
Junior's Got a Gun (outtake - rough mix)
Ain't No Crime (outtake)
Johnny Fast (outtake rough mix)
Treatment Bound (alternate version)
Lovelines (alternate vocal)
Bad Worker (solo home demo)

Let It Be


1. I Will Dare
2. Favorite Thing
3. We're Comin' Out
4. Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out
5. Androgynous
6. Black Diamond
7. Unsatisfied
8. Seen Your Video
9. Gary's Got a Boner
10. Sixteen Blue
11. Answering Machine

Bonus Material

20th Century Boy
Perfectly Lethal (outtake)
Temptation Eyes (outtake)
Answering Machine (solo home demo)
Heartbeat -- It's a Lovebeat (outtake - rough mix)
Sixteen Blue (outtake - alternate vocal)

Gary Louris- Vagabonds
In Stores Feb 19th. Rykodisc

The former Jayhawks' frontman is releasing his first solo record since the breakup of the alt-country legends. The album was recorded in Los Angeles and a number of guests appear, including Farmer Dave (ex-Beachwood Sparks), Susanna Hoffs (The Bangles), Chris Robinson (Black Crowes), and Jenny Lewis (Rilo Kiley). The album was co-produced by Thom Monahan (Espers / Vetiver / Devendra Banhart) and Louris’ long-time friend, Chris Robinson.


1. True Blue
2. Omaha Nights
3. To Die a Happy Man Louris
4. She Only Calls Me on Sundays
5. We'll Get By
6. Black Grass
7. I Wanna Get High
8. Vagabonds
9. D.C. Blues
10. Meandering

Gary Louris Solo Tour

3/16: Seattle (Showbox)
3/17: Vancouver (Richard's on Richards)
3/18: Portland, OR (Wonder Ballroom)
3/20: San Francisco (Fillmore)
3/21: Los Angeles (El Rey)
3/23: Denver (Bluebird Cafe)
3/25: Minneapolis (State Theatre)
3/27: Madison, WI (Barrymore Theatre)
3/28: Chicago (The Vic)
3/29: Pittsburgh (Mr. Small's)
3/30: Toronto (Mod Theatre)
4/1: Boston (Somerville Theatre)
4/2: New York (Town Hall)
4/4: Chapel Hill (Cat's Cradle)
4/5: Atlanta (Variety Playhouse)

Hymns- Travel in Herds
In Stores March 11th. Blackland Records
*See Album Review and Interview Next Week*


1. N.Y.C. Nervous Breakdown
2. I Can't Be What U Want
3. L.A. or Babette Sange
4. Streets Alone
5. St. Sebastian
6. Time Told Me
7. Train Song
8. Blame It on the Mountains
9. Travel in Herds
10. Off My Mind
11. On the Run

Supergrass- Diamond Hoo Ha
In Stores March 24th (UK Release). Parlophone/Capitol

Supergrass is releasing the follow-up to the fantastic Road to Rouen. No word on if they'll continue down the path of meloncholy reflective songs featured on Road to Rouen, or if they'll revert back to their energetic Brit-pop of earlier recordings. I'm hoping for the former as Road to Rouen was one of my favorite records a couple of years ago.


1. Diamond Hoo Ha Man
2. Bad Blood
3. Rebel In You
4. When I Needed You
5. 345
6. The Return Of...
7. Rough Knuckles
8. Ghost Of A Friend
9. Whiskey & Green Tea
10. Outside
11. Butterfly

The Brian Jonestown Massacre- My Bloody Underground
In Stores March 31st. A Records

The Brian Jonestown Massacre are finally releasing a full-length proper album, titled My Bloody Underground. It's been five years since Anton Newcombe and the remaining cast released And This is Our Music, although the mini-album/ep, We Are the Radio was released in 2005.

A free demo version of My Bloody Underground has been available for many months on the bands website. Frankly, as much as I hate to say this, I'm not that high on this record. It's more avante garde than previous Jonestown efforts and was largely recorded by Anton himself, although Mark Gardener (Ride) helps out on a song. The post-apocolypic-sounding songs are generally layered electronic loops with a few songs sung in Icelandic. The record was recorded in Anton's new adopted home of Reykjavik, Iceland, as well as Liverpool, England.

Here's a podcast interview of the BJM's Anton Newcombe, courtesy of The Guardian. He discusses topics such as the chemical-inspiration for My Bloody Underground, Amy Winehouse, British Culture, and a couple of his favorite Icelandic bands.

You can download all BJM albums free-of-charge at

However, if you do like the records, please purchase the records from the Committee To Keep Music Evil.


1. Bring Me the Head of Paul McCartney on Heather Mill's Wooden Peg (Dropping Bombs On The White House)
2. Golden-Frost
3. Infinite Wisdom Tooth / My Last Night In Bed With You
4. Kicking Jesus
5. We Are The Niggers Of The World
6. Who's Fucking Pissed In My Well
7. Who Cares Why
8. Dark-Wave-Driver/Big Drill Car
9. Monkey Powder
10. Yeah-Yeah
11. Black-Hole-Symphony
12. Auto-Matic-Faggot For The People
13. Ljosmyndir

The Quarter After- Changes Near
In Stores March 18th. Committee to Keep Music Evil

As many BJM fans already know, Anton Newcombe isn't the only talented musician in that band. A few years back, BJM multi-instrumentalist Rob Campanella and his brother Dominic formed the Quarter After, along with Brian Wilson's and Wondermints' drummer, Nelson Bragg. Their self-titled debut The Quarter After was a great collection of Gene Clark-era Byrds mixed with subtle nods to the psychedelic freakouts featured on Husker Du's version of "Eight Miles High".

According to Rob, the new record will still maintain their psychedelic sounds, however, a slight move away from Gene Clark-era Byrds to more Gram Parsons-era Byrds. In other words....a little more twang. Also guesting on the record, Eric Heywood of Son Volt.


1. Sanctuary
2. She Revolves
3. Counting the Score
4. See How Good It Feels
5. Early Morning Rider
6. Nothing out of Something
7. Changes Near
8. Winter Song
9. Turning Away
10. This Is How I Want to Know You
11. Follow Your Own Way
12. Sempre Avanti (Johnny Marr is Not Dead)

New York Dolls- Live at The Fillmore East
Available at shows, Official store release N/A. Mercury, Roadrunner

The legendary New York Dolls reformed a couple years ago after Morrissey requested they play the Meltdown Festival that he was curating. Shortly after the festival, the Dolls lost their fourth member as Arthur "Killer" Kane succumbed to leukemia. The band has carried on and has remained largely true to sound, which listeners should hear in the live recording from last November.


1. Babylon
2. Trash
3. Jet Boy
4. Personality Crisis
5. Rainbow Store
6. Looking for a Kiss
7. Puss 'n' Boots
8. Dance Like a Monkey
9. Pills
10. Lonely Planet Boy

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